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Toxic Air, Information about Air Pollutant

The quality of the air is very important to our health, poor quality air with pollutants could be a hazard to our well being. Among some of the problems reported due to the poor quality air in some work or residential environments such as factories, new offices or new residences are reproductive problems and defects in new borns.

Bad quality air can carry carcinogenic elements that are not only a danger to the environment but a threath to a cancer free life. Close to 200 pollutants have been discovered in toxic ir, such as but not limited to Benzene, Toluene, Asbestos, Mercury, Cadmium, Cloride, Perchlorethylene, Methile Cloride, Chromium, Lead Base Compounds, Toluene and many other that would make this list almost endless.

What is even more of a concern is that these pollutants could be prevented, many are created in factories, many of those elements are used to build construction materials such as windows, doors, etc. Or perhaps on new gadgeds such as cell phones or game consoles. They could also be found on paints, new car plastic parts, and all sort of plastic goods. In many cases such as in Chinese factories these elements are not regulated, therefore when goods are shipped across the ocean and land in many residences our country, they are still heavily smelling to formaldehide and other pollutants because they are still releasing all these toxic fumes.

Any human or pet that spend many hours around those pollutants can get seriouslly ill. If any of these pollutants enter our bodies by food or water or just by common breathing, they could cause serious damage to our organs, respiratory system or digestive system. They are accumulated in our bodies and they are very difficult if not impossible to erradicated once they are inside. Many long term illnesses could be triggered by exposure to many of this pollutants. It is best to stay away from them.

Our thanks go to Burnside AC, The McKinney Air Conditioning company for their cooperation in Allen Frisco and McKinney TX.

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